Serge Drijakoff opened his workshop in 1984. When you enter the workshop, you can smell a blend of sawn wood, glue and varnish that make this place so attractive, here all is luxury, calm and delight. Luxury because Serge Drijakoff’s instruments are unique in all the senses of the word. Every instrument is unique as regards its making and beauty. The only criteria which define Serge Drijakoff”s making are the respect of the traditions left by the ancients, the love of good work, the beauty of the sound.  Devoting oneself to the search for perfection means that you have to find peace and quietness in yourself and in your environment.   The delight of instruments making is to enhance the beauty of the curves of a scroll or a sound hole in order that all the different sorts of wood can express their richness. That’s the reason why the instruments made by Serge Drijakoff concern demanding musicians, looking for a top quality instrument. Production time is not important, quality is the master word. We all already know that he won’t transform lead into gold but we know that this search for perfection will end up by the resonance of the material to generate sounds which will give rise to musical emotion. The musician who has the same search will feel understood and highly satisfied. He won’t buy a violin or a guitar, but an exceptional instrument which has been made just for him.