In 1984  Serge Drijakoff opened his violin-making workshop in Chambéry. He undertook personal studies on the string instrument making, first in classical guitar, and on the  classical making quartet instruments as : violin, viola, cello and double bass, then he specialized in the violin and viola making . His studies on instrumental making will make him discover the work of the famous Italian luthier Simone Sacconi who wrote a major work on the work of Antonio Stradivari. He will complete his study on the architecture of the violin with the study of the violin-making treaty by François Denis. For over 35 years Serge Drijakoff has been manufacturing and restoring violins and violas. The three criteria that define Serge Drijakoff's production are respect for traditions transmitted by the ancients, love of perfection and beauty of sound. Without wanting to innovate at any cost in a profession of centuries-old tradition, Serge Drijakoff has always wondered about the factors that determine the best sound of an instrument, always passionately busy "caring" for the production of the sound of his instruments and we know that this quest for perfection has no end. In his research on the production of sound, he was tought by a master luthier who will transmit to him the knowledge necessary for the production of concert instruments, a complex and delicate task which requires real learning. Serge Drijakoff's violins and violas are covered with an oil varnish from his own making.